Todd McGuire Co-Founder
Chief Technology Officer

Todd McGuire

Todd McGuire is the co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer for incentaHEALTH, a technology-based population health platform focused on obesity and diabetes prevention.  Todd leads the Product Development, Software Engineering, and Data Science teams at incentaHEALTH to build digital health solutions for customers worldwide.  Todd has been awarded patents in the United States and Australia for remote biometric monitoring systems and data visualization technologies.  His research has been published in journals such as the Journal of General Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine on topics related to the use of behavioral economics and tailored behavior change technologies to treat chronic conditions such as obesity.  Before co-founding incentaHEALTH, Todd served as CTO of BlueCompass, where he developed an online travel reservation platform. Previously, Todd worked at Raymond James Consulting and BDM Technologies, in Denver, CO, where he developed e-commerce systems for health care, financial services and manufacturing clients. A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Todd studied Information Systems, Organization Management and Human Resource Management to earn his B.S. degree. Todd is also a Certified Personal Trainer and enjoys participating in marathons and triathlons to stay healthy and keep up with his 3 young children. Todd can be reached at


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