Dr. Jessica Stone Co-Creator
Virtual Sandtray
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor

Dr. Jessica Stone

Dr. Jessica Stone is a licensed psychologist working in a private practice setting in Colorado. She has been a practitioner, professor, presenter, mentor, and author for more than 25 years.  Dr. Stone’s interest in digital tools, specifically using virtual reality, tablets, and consoles, has culminated in clinical mental health use and research for mental health, medical, and crisis settings.  She is the co-creator of the Virtual Sandtray App for iPad (VSA) and the Virtual Sandtray for Virtual Reality (VSA-VR).  The VSA and VSA-VR programs have been developed for therapeutic use in and with a variety of settings and clientele.  In mental health settings, VSA and VSA-VR assist with assessing psychological concerns, treatment planning, and implementing interventions.  Medical setting use focuses on distraction and palliative use while yielding valuable emotional and psycho-social information in a highly motivating, fun, therapeutic way.

Dr. Stone has two books currently in press for release in 2019 (Integrating Technology into Modern Therapies and Game Play), and one in process for 2020, Digital Play Therapy.  Each focuses on the therapeutic use of digital tools.  She is also a senior personal member on the advisory board for the University at Buffalo Neurocognition Science Laboratory’s Educational Technology Goal Two project, EVRSTSR: Effects of Virtual Reality on Student’s and Teacher’s Self Regulation and a member of the International Virtual reality Healthcare Association.


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